Although you can still get single-panel doors, this model is almost non-existent in this day and age. Nowadays, modern garage doors are built in sections (usually with three to eight pieces), with them being able to tilt and moving independently of each other, making them able to roll on the track inside of your garage. Is it possible to replace the panels on your garage door if they become damaged?

Why You Should Replace The Panels On Your Garage

Unlike the old days, modern garage doors allow you to replace the panels on the door if they become damaged without purchasing a new door. Dents, cracks, wear and tear from the length of use, and bends can all be repaired without the need for a total replacement. This also allows you to replace single or multiple panels at a time.

Depending on the damage to the door (or the number of damaged panels), it might be more beneficial to replace the door completely. In some cases, it might be cheaper to replace the whole door than to use the resources to patch up the currently installed door. Having a reputable garage door company at your disposal, like the technicians at Five G’s Overhead Door, can help you determine if you need just to replace panels or a complete replacement.

A couple of things that you want to keep in mind if you’re considering repairing your garage door panels are these factors:

  • The number of panels that have been damaged
  • It may be more expensive to perform multiple panel replacements. If you have to replace more than two, it might just be cheaper to replace the door completely.
  • The full extent of the damage

Damage isn’t just cosmetic, and it could extend past what you see on the outside. Panels that are damaged can cause the door not to function correctly and could potentially compromise the door’s integrity. Only a trained professional can speak to the full extent of the damage to the door.

The availability of materials to complete the job (replacement panels)

The current climate of the world has many materials becoming more difficult to secure to conduct repairs. With the ongoing rise in wood prices, it’s becoming less appealing for the everyday DIY person to take on a project like this on their own. Depending on the extent of the repair, it might be more fiscally responsible to hire a garage door company to complete the repair.

The condition and color of the other panels

Not as important to many people, the aesthetics of the door may be of personal preference. You want everything to flow together seamlessly to increase your home’s curb appeal, especially with modern homes. Most modern homes have front-load garages that have the door on display for anyone driving past to see. Repairing/replacing a panel can also improve the value of your home if you ever think of selling in the future.

The age of your garage door

If your garage door is over fifteen years old, then it might be better to replace the door rather than repair a panel. Not only that, the overall security of your home may be compromised, allowing for individuals to sneak into your home if the damage is significant enough to the door. Small animals could also invade your home through the damage that has occurred to your panel.

Let Five G’s Overhead Door Make Your Repair Today!

Whether you need a single or multiple panel replacement or even a complete door replacement, don’t take chances when it comes to the safety & security of your home. The professional technicians at Five G’s can come to your home, perform an inspection of your door and inform you if you need to replace a panel or a total replacement. We are honest, experienced, and guarantee to do the job correctly the first time, so it doesn’t need to be repeated the next time.

If you are interested in our services, please call us at (405) 876-3137or schedule a garage door repair with a trained technician!


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