For many people, they own newer, modern homes with front load garages that are the star of their homes for homeowners—making improvements that increase the house’s functionality. At the same time, enticing potential buyers isn’t taken lightly. Whenever you invest in your home, the goal is to increase the equity while not blowing through your initial budget.

Upgrading your garage door & opener system is a change that can take the ordinary, drab exterior and turn it into a talking point of your home. It’s a relatively cheaper option for an upgrade that you can let your creativity run wild with and stay within any budget comfortably. Here are a couple of reasons to consider upgrading your garage door & opener.

Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

We all love when we drive through our neighborhood and see our neighbors’ home feeling that sense of pride knowing that you live in the same area as this beautiful home. At the same time, you think about how your home looks to other people who pass by your house regularly (we all do it). Making a change to the garage door, updating it with a more modern feel and style can be that extra oomph that your home needs to push its curb appeal over the top.

Make Your Home More Secure

There has been a massive jump in technology in the last twenty years, and the same can be said for home security. If your home still has an outdated garage door system, you make yourself more vulnerable than ever to potential home invasions and thefts. Even in the most secure neighborhoods, robberies occur regularly all over the state of Oklahoma.

  • Not replacing an aging door can result in it: 
  • Not locking firmly
  • Outdated technology that can be easily manipulated
  • Having the internal motor eventually die out from wear and tear

The other benefit of getting a new garage door & opener is that even when you’re not home, you can control many functions of your garage door with the smart technology built within modern doors. Most manufacturers accompany new doors with an app installed on your phone that will let you control the opening/closing of the door, turn on lights for safety, and even feature an onboard camera for added security for your home.

Decrease The Amount You Pay For Heating & Cooling Your Home

Homeowners are always looking to save a few dollars, and investing in your garage door can help with the ROI (return on investment) of your home and decrease your home’s heating/cooling costs. If your garage is built onto your house, then you are getting lots of air that could be leaking outside without your knowing about it because of an older door. Energy-efficient doors can help regulate your home’s temperature, and the density & insulation of the door can add to the ability to control the heat flow in the home.

Five G’s Overhead Door Will Help You Upgrade Your Home!

Making any type of change to your home is a big deal, and no one knows that better than the licensed professionals at Five G’s. Our team of specialized technicians can help you pick out a stunning garage door system, get it installed the first time correctly without a need for repairs, and do so at an affordable rate in the Oklahoma City, OK area. Call us today at (405) 876-3137 or click here to get started today!


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