What exactly makes the garage door opener operate? Many systems function with these four components at their core: springs, galvanized aircraft cable, rollers, and the motor. These four components are the driving force of your garage door opener, and if one of them fails, then the whole system is doomed.

Understanding how each part is intricate to the overall performance of your system and how they work can help you understand the minor changes that can present themselves and potentially be warning signs for oncoming problems within your system. Let’s take a look at each component individually and better understand their role in your garage door ecosystem.


When talking about the springs of your garage door system, they are there to provide the weight-balancing support for your garage door. On garage door openers, there are two different types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion springs are found on newer garage door opener systems and hang vertically in conjunction with the tracks. These springs are designed to last longer and are the new standard of spring usage in modern garage opener units.

Extension springs are commonly found in older models of garage door openers. They are extremely dangerous when they break and can cause severe damage to vehicles, the garage itself, or people who may be in the immediate area.

Both springs carry an immense amount of tension and shouldn’t be handled except by trained professionals such as the experienced technicians at Five G’s Overhead Door. These springs, if mishandled, can cause dismemberment of your extremities and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


If you ever experience issues with your garage door not opening or closing correctly, it’s usually due to the malfunction of the track and rollers. Rollers inside the track ensure that the door stays straight throughout its cycle (opening and closing the door). When inspecting your track, check for cracks, bends, or other signs that the door is stuck.

When inspecting the rollers, also check the track that houses the rollers. Gaping or seeing signs that the track is uneven are clear signs that you need to repair the track. Run your fingers in-between the track to feel for bumps or dents. If any of that exists, you need to contact a garage door specialist to prevent malfunctions of your door.

Galvanized Aircraft Cable

The galvanized aircraft cable (GAC) is the cable covered in metal that connects the garage door to the motor assembly. This cable is typically the one you see in all garage door openers and provides power to the motor, helping it complete its operation.

When looking at the cable for inspection, make sure the garage door is entirely closed before beginning, then look for frayed or loose wiring. This cable should be connected securely with no signs of it being loose from the motor. If loose, there is a risk of your door not completing its cycle.

The Motor

The workhorse of your garage door opener, the motor, controls all of the functions of your garage door opener. If you begin to hear squeaking or rattling noises, then your motor may need to be replaced or repaired. Having your garage door not open or attempt to move is a clear sign that your motor could be failing.

To check, switch the motor to manual mode by pulling the red cable. Next, attempt to raise and lower the door. If the door moves, then you know for sure that your motor is beginning to fail and will need replacement.

Five G’s Can Help Maintain All Part Of Your Garage Door Opener

Now that you know about the four main components of your garage door opener, you also know that proper maintenance of these components is the key to the longevity of your system. If you need a garage door specialist to help with the care of your garage door, look no further than the professionals at Five G’s. We can set up a maintenance plan with you and provide the routine service that your garage requires.

If you would like to schedule service in the Oklahoma City, OK area or have questions, call us at (405) 876-3137 or click here for more information!


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