How do you do it? What can you do to make your home stand out from all of the others? The answer is simple: upgrade your garage door.

Garage doors are quickly becoming a trending topic in the homeowner scene with extravagant displays of artistry, simplicity, and overall curb appeal. The average front-load garage takes up half of the home, so it’s a significant showpiece to be taken advantage of by your creativity & vision. Here are a couple of styles that we think are worth the upgrade.

Glass Paneling Garage Door

Modern looks don’t get much more upfront than a garage door with glass panels and black trim. The frosted glass on these doors helps with the upkeep as they don’t require constant cleaning while having the mirrored finish on the glass helps secure your privacy so those going past your home can’t sneak a peek into your garage.

Wooden Cladding Garage Door

This style of door is more in line with a ranch-style home. The simplistic look gives a clean and modern feel, with its straight lines providing a rectangular design element to the homeowner.

Garage Door with Glass Paneling and Wood Finish

Another popular choice among homeowners is a glass paneling garage door with steel doors and a wood-painted trim. The same frosted glass and mirrored finish also appear on these doors, but the wood finish gives the door an accent that can’t be denied. Some of these garages are also outfitted with a wooden overhang to accentuate the splendor of the door further accentuate the door’s splendor.

Modern Barn Garage Door

It used to be a rare sight to see barn doors utilized as garage doors, accentuates but as people begin to embrace the more rustic feel of country-style homes with a modern twist. Usually painted with a charcoal or black finish further enhances the contemporary modern vibe that these doors give while also giving you inspiration for your next project.

Modern Light-Wood Carriage House Garage Door with Windows

If you desire the look of a barn door without the essential maintenance, then this garage door is the one for you. With faux wood on the outside of steel doors, it requires little upkeep. This style is an excellent blending of the traditional style and the current modern trends that will make your home stand out for sure.

Five G’s Overhead Door Can Help Make Your Dreams Come True!

When looking for a company that can bring your garage doors to the next level, look no further than the professionals at Five G’s. We can install your new vision at an affordable rate, do it correctly the first time, and have the experience needed to handle the job efficiently. If you have questions or would like to get a quote, feel free to contact us at (405) 550-1280 or click here for more information!


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