Many things could cause your garage door to malfunction. From springs and cables potentially wearing down to the control panel becoming unresponsive, here is a list of things that could improve the performance of your garage door. With any of these steps, remember to be safe and disconnect the power to the garage door opener while making sure the door is all the way down before attempting any of these repairs.

Check The Safety Sensors Of The Garage Door

Sometimes the most straightforward solution is to check the sensors that control whether your door will open or close. These sensors are safety measures designed to stop the door from closing on an object or a person. There possibly could be something blocking the sensor, or maybe the lenses are dirty.

  • Try wiping the lenses making sure that they’re clean of dirt and moisture. Use a soft cloth so that you don’t scratch the lens.
  • Ensure that nothing is obstructing the line of sight of the lenses. Even a ball could prevent the garage door from closing correctly.
  • Check that the lenses are aligned and pointing directly at each other.

Check Your Keypad/External Controls

Another common issue that might cause problems with your garage door is that the keypad isn’t working correctly. If your door opener is powered and plugged in, but you’re getting no response, then it could be a problem with one of your control devices (garage remote, keypad, wall switch, etc.). Try to solve this issue by:

  • Testing all of the control methods to narrow down the problem if it’s one or all of the control devices
  • Try resetting/reprogramming the remote to the stock specifications of the manufacturer.
  • Replace batteries within the garage remotes
  • Check the antenna on the garage door motor, making sure that it’s not damaged.

Check On The Condition Of Your Springs & Cables

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time (over ten years) and have never had to replace the springs on your garage door, then this may be the issue. Torsion Springs and cables experience a lot of wear and tear and will eventually break down, halting the operation of your garage door. If this is the case, then you need to contact a licensed technician such as the professionals at Five G’s Overhead Door to repair this problem.

Make Sure That The Rails & Track Are Clear

One of the places that we overlook when attempting to solve our garage door mystery is where the door is getting its motion. The pivotal track could be damaged if not maintained regularly. Try these potential fixes:

  • Spray the rails with silicone spray to provide the lubrication that it needs to move smoothly
  • Replace the rollers if they’re damaged or rusted
  • Check the metal track to see if it is appropriately aligned. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, you may need to adjust it until everything lines up correctly.

Five G’s Overhead Door Will Fix Your Garage Door Issues

Looking out for these problems is essential to ensuring that your garage door functions correctly. If you find yourself with a repair that is more than you can handle, let the experienced professionals at Five G’s take care of your garage repair needs. Our team is efficient, able to repair ALL major brands; we can detect the problem quickly and fix the problem at an affordable rate!

We service the greater Oklahoma City, OK, and surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (405) 876-3137 to schedule service, or click here to get more information!


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