Usually, when your garage door isn’t working anymore, it’s because you more than likely have a broken garage door spring around the track of the door. While this is an easy fix for a professional technician, there are a couple of things that you can do to keep an eye out for. Here are some of the leading causes of springs breaking on your garage door.

Normal Wear & Tear

Some things are just unavoidable when it comes to machinery with moving parts. People don’t often think of their door as machinery, but it is; therefore, it is subjected to eventually breaking down. Most properly installed garage door springs only last about 10,000 cycles (when the garage door goes up & down).

If you consider the amount your door cycles, if you only left for the day and came back home, you would create over 700 cycles in a year which isn’t ideal because people are always on the go. This back and forth shortens the life of the torsion springs even more quickly, causing them to malfunction a lot sooner than you would think.

Poorly Maintaining The Springs

Even just the normal wear & tear is taking its toll on your garage door, but if you take the time to maintain your equipment, you can extend the life of your torsion springs. Applying lubricant to your springs at least three times a year combined with checking your door’s balance can significantly increase your springs’ lifespan.

The Wrong Springs Are Used On Your Garage Door

It goes without saying but using incorrect anything will drastically reduce the performance of whatever you are trying to utilize, garage doors especially. Installation of incorrect-sized torsion springs can shorten the lifespan of your door. Some contractors are known to use only one long, large spring when the average garage door needs two smaller springs.

Having the correct springs installed will help manage the load of weight distributed to raise and lower the door. When the shortcut of one spring is used, not only can it shorten the life of the springs, but it can also create catastrophic damage when it eventually fails. This is why you need a trained professional like the ones at Five G’s Overhead Door in Oklahoma City, OK, to help you maintain your garage door and all of its moving parts!

The Buildup Of Rust

Rust forming on the interior or exterior of the springs can cause the springs to shatter into pieces due to the friction being introduced to the coils. Proper lubrication a few times a year can help to prevent torsion spring failure in your garage door by keeping things running smoothly while also preventing rust buildup.

Let Five G’s Overhead Door Take Care Of Your Springs!

Maintaining your springs is essential in preserving the life of your garage door, and Five G’s can help you. We can provide regularly scheduled service and take care of any repairs that might show up with our maintenance plans. Call us at (405) 876-3137 or click here to get more information!


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